Oputa Stephen McCauley

Office of the University Of Nigeria Medical Students’ Association (UNMSA) Academic Coordinator.  UNMSA tutorials? this year should be more than that…

UNMSA tutorials has helped a lot of UNMSAites become to reckon with in the world of academics. The doing government is aware of this, hence working tirelessly to bring success to the doorsteps of all UNMSAites.

The 2019 Academic Committee is Chaired by Comrade Oputa Stephen McCauley, a member of the penultimate 2020 class. This committee is in line with our vision to improve the success rate of UNMSAites in all examinations both within and outside Nigeria.

This year we have a well detailed road map to achieve a whole lot more. Each constituency and indeed all UNMSAites would experience better Academic engagements never seen before year. We have started already and will certainly do more. We would have more than just UNMSA tutorials and Exams this year. Therefore, i urge us all to sit, relax and enjoy this beautiful ride of absolute success.

Below is a list of the Members of the UNMSA Academic Committee.

  • Stephen Oputa McCauley- Chairman UNMSA Academic Committee-2020 class-08149127305
  • Onyenagubo Izuchukwu- – Vice Chairman UNMSA Academic Committee- 2021 class
  • Arubaleze Chiazom- Secretary, UNMSA Academic Committee- 2022 class
  • Akintola Busayo- 2020 Class
  • Iferikigwe, Victor Chidera (Iferika JR) – 2021 class
  • Ogbodo Anthony Ezenwa – 2021 class
  • Nwokocha Victory Chidi- 2021 class
  • Okoyeuzu Kamsi-2022 class
  • Bianca Okeke Ngozi- 2023 class

Our committee would ensure that all UNMSAites feel the efforts of the doing government towards a better University of Nigeria Medical Students Association.

Our efforts have already started paying off as shown in the result of the just concluded 1st Professional examinations written in June.

Tutorials for the current 2nd MBBS Class has also started. 

Likewise, tutorials for the 2024 MBBS Class has kicked off too. Click here for the 2024 MBBS Class schedule