UNMSA PRO unveils functional qr-coded UNMSA I.D cards.

The Office of Public Relations led by Rt Hon. Iferikigwe Victor (Iferika JR) and assisted by Rt Hon. Agubama Francis presents with innovation and careful thought, the first of its kind, a QR-coded ID Card for the great students of this very association, UNMSA , nothing short of creativity.

This is a highly appreciated and acknowledged development with respect to our ever evolving and modifying world of technology with access to tonnes of information at reach.

Like we were informed earlier, it is with pride that we say that we are set to give UNMSAites nothing short of the best there is. That said, this office unveils the latest and best models of ID Cards not just in UNMSA and UNEC but within the entire University of Nigeria as a whole.

Its exactly what you’re thinking, we’re at the forefront and we aren’t stopping because “A Medical Student is naturally ahead of others” The ID Cards are gauged with functional QR codes which give us access to a whole load of wonderful features not limited to online textbooks which opens you to a link with which you can access any and all medical textbooks, our monthly newsletter “The PaRrOt”, various journals from diverse medical bodies across the world and other academic materials including lecture slides and histology slides for all classes.

Weencourageall UNMSAites to buy into this innovation with the sum of N800.00 only and above if you wish.

The forms can be collected from Hon. Ubani Royal (023), Agubama Fimbar (022), Onyekaonwu Stanislaus (021) and Ogamba Nzubechukwu (020).

Back of Identity Card

Thank you. Signed Rt. Hon. Iferikigwe, Victor Chidera (Iferika JR) UNMSA PRO