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Ref No: UNMSA/UNEC/18-19/195

Sequel to a broadcast that was sent out few weeks ago concerning the available slots for various positions in the Federation of African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA), I bring you good news today.

Six UNMSAites were able to secure some positions in FAMSA this year after going through a rigorous interview process, a feat that has not happened in a very long while.

We have decided to make these noble men and women who not only represent themselves but also UNMSA in the affairs of FAMSA known to you today.

In no particular order they include

1. Ogbenna Nkemakolam, a 2024 Medical Student who was appointed to be the Publicity Secretary of the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE). He will also serve as the University of Nigerian Medical Students’ Association Officer on Standing Committee on Population Activity.

Ogbemma Nkemakolam
Ogbenna Nkemakolam

2. Okolo Caleb (South South); a member of the penultimate MBBS Class. He was appointed as our the Loc. Officer for UNN in the Standing Committee on Health and Environment

Okolo Caleb
Okolo Caleb

3. Nwobodo Favour a 2024 Medical Student who was equally appointed as the Loc. Chairman, Standing Committee on Medical Education and Research (SCOMER) of the Federation of African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA).

Nwobodo Favour
Nwobodo Favour

4. Nwaizuzu Obinna (Skid Lens), a member of the 2022 MBBS Class. He is also our Loc. Officer in the Standing Committee on Health and Environment.

Nwaizuzu Obinna
Nwaizuzu Obinna (Skid Lens)

5. Onah Gerald, a member of the 2023 MBBS Class. He was appointed as our Loc. Medical Students’ Association’s Officer on the Standing Committee on Population Activity

Onah Gerald
Onah Gerald

6. Onyetube Vera a member of the 200Level class who was also appointed as our MSA’s Standing Committee Officer on Population Activity SCOPA)

Onyetube Vera
Onyetube Vera

We congratulate them on their latest achievements and also pray that God will guide them and equally give them the wisdom to work in whatever capacity they have been appointed.

I also use this little opportunity to enjoin all UNMSAites to equally take opportunities like this serious when next they come as its importance cannot be overemphasized. Unlike what we may have had over the years, we want UNMSAites to become well exposed locally and internationally too

God willing, things like this have come to stay and hopefully more will come.

Thank you. God bless and Please Stay safe

From : Rt. Hon. Iferikigwe, Victor Chidera (Iferika JR); Outgoing UNMSA PRO

Announcers: Rt. Hon. Iferika JR et Rt. Hon. Fimbar


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